Data digitalization gives the National Palace Museum a brand-new life

          ------ ¡§We World Digital Publishing¡¨ rebuild the publications of NPM 



Intro of  NPM(The National Palace Museum)

The National Palace Museum is one of the four well-known museums in the world. Apart from rich precious Chinese art, there are enormous amount of classic documents studied by hundreds of intelligent professionals researchers with diligence and without fatigue for decades, and they become another crucial treasury of Chinese art. According to statistics, more than sixty millions words of studies were putout in the publications of the National Palace Museum. These studies are not only the accomplishment of the professionals, but also an important meaning to the historical research of the Chinese art. Definitely it is another world-class research database.


In order to efficiently make use of these invaluable studies for the users all over the world and to catch the trend of the development of the Internet and data digitalization, since 1997, ¡§We World Digital Publishing¡¨(We World Chinese Culture Digital Publishing Inc.) has been cooperating with the National Palace Museum to edit the database of the publications.


¡§National Palace Museum publication database¡¨ offers the firsthand clear and complete data searching service to reappearance the sophisticated  pictures and articles. Meanwhile, users of the ¡§National Palace Museum publication database¡¨ can also get the data through the Internet anytime¡Banywhere.


The content of the database:

The National Palace Museum Quarterly made its first issue in July 1966, In 1983, it was renamed as ¡§The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly¡¨. Which represented a combination of National Palace Museum¡¦s researchers¡¦ valuable published articles,. It is a professional Chinese art periodical published quarterly, including 17 volumes, 64 issues .It is out of print.


The National Palace Museum bulletin was published in 1966 and once it was the most regular publication for years. It is an English periodical especially designed to meet the needs of the mass overseas readers. It¡¦s been 30 years since the first issue, and so far there are about 200in the first place. It was written only by the researchers or all departments of NPM, but now it is open to the public.


The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese was published 18 years ago. Unlike other publications of the National Palace Museum, it is easier to read and try to attract the public the public¡¦s attention to the Chinese art.