Group Member ( Application for group annual membership )

Specification :

        1.  Qualification for Membership

        (1).The global Government Organizations , The Domestic and Foreign related Associations,

             The Academic Researching Organizations and Universities of the whole world .

(2). The Domestic and Foreign Museums , Culture Centers and Libraries .

(3). Individuals or Group Societies or Art Companies interested in the Chinese Cultures .

(4). The Global Cultures Enterprises , Publishers , The Newspapers and Designing 

      Companies .

(5). The Religious Groups , Folklore researching organizations

2.   Terminations : (annually )

3.   By locking the IP address, any computer under the group membership can access the database at any time, without entering ID and password. 

4. price 5% sales tax included


     1st year :  US $5,000 

     After the first year : US $1,000 per year      


5.    The subscription procedure :

(1). Fill in the application forms .( fill in the I P address is mandatory ) .

(2).Completing the payment .

6.    The interests of the member :

(1). Within the subscribed period , the users are able to use the I P address of the database without limitations by 24 hours a day, 365days in a year .

(2). All the members have the privilege of the compliment service of E-newspapers and information .

(3). To acquire the newest cultures information and preference to attaining every activities by the We World Chinese Culture Digital Publishing . Inc.

(4). All the members will get VIP discount to subscribe the publications of The National Palace Museum with We World Chinese Culture Digital Publishing., Inc.

      7.coutact us

            (1) Tel:886-2-2367-2900


                 Marketing  Department : Miss. Chou

            (2) e-mail :