“We World Digital Publishing “For the succession of Chinese Culture

 “We World Advertising Company strived in our specialty advertising marketing field for many years .  Four years ago ( in 1996 ) , concerning to the upheaval technology of the INTERNET , We try as a pioneer , toward to the immensely Universe of the boundless INTERNT , throughout deeply and intensively researching , we recognized the function of the contents transmission on the INTERNET is significant . Due to the immensely and profoundly of the exquisite classical Chinese Culture it is one of the most important culture and civilization assets to the whole world , it is the reason why we are passionately promoting the culture and arts by using the technology .

Consequently“ We World Digital Publishing “ fixed itself A position , oriented toward to promoting the Chinese culture With digital technology and to established the “We World Digital Publishing “ , we esteemed to be “the pioneer of the Culture succession “ . To combined the ancient civilization with the innovating technology , we shall trying to make utmost effects , devoted ourselves for proceed promoting the Chinese Culture succession .


The Professional Certification of the “ Database for the periodical Publication of text & graphic of the National Palace Museum 

“ Database of the periodical publication text & graphic of the National Palace Museum “ authorized by the National Palace Museum

and under the guardian of the Incubation Center of the National Normal University , to start up with the tasks of promotion and succession for the Chinese Culture , to producing a professional and influential periodical publication , the authorized“ Database of the periodical publication text & graphic of the National Palace Museum “ beginning its first pace .

“ The National Palace Museum “ one of the four outstandingly magnificent museums in the world . Needless to say , it has the most precious treasury of the Chinese cultural collections , esteemed by the whole world . Also , it has more than hundreds of professional researchers in the past decades , they devoted themselves to researching of the Chinese cultures , review the historical events , compiled immensely compositions , essays treatises ,dissertations,. The compilation itself resembling one more treasury to the Chinese cultures . “

The richly collections of the Chinese artifacts and specific researching reports , all contains in “The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art “ , “ The Nation Palace Museum Quarterly “ , “The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly “ , “National Palace Museum Bulletin “ , etc.  those four periodical publications , published by The National Palace Museum , according to its researching statistics reports , within 30 years ,there were approximately 60 Million words and 100 thousand pictures , more than 200 authors’ compositions ,the compilation range scope from domestic authors to the whole world . All of its compositions are credited and authenticity , Its exclusively studies and dissertations allows of no doubt .  


Digitalized Database, Synchronized transmission .

  For the purpose of the global expertise and the passionate admirers of the Chinese cultures , the mass communication organizations ,artistic associations and the professional classic collectors , etc. Throughout the world are able to access easily using those precious documents and references and information “We World Advertising Company “ especially spent four years , by the progressing digitalized technology , constructed the website and bring the “ Database of the periodical publications text & graphic of the National Palace Museum “ to completion .

The website of database does not only able to providing a Concise selection services , it also able to presenting the ancient documentations and references with the texts and graphics that are able completely reappearances . Also , through the INTERNET , it can broadcasting to everywhere in the world , interchange the precious information and preserved documentations and artifacts through the web for ever . In additions, the website also sending other cultures information simultaneously , in terms of more broadcasting spaces for the Information of variety Chinese cultures and activities , by means of services to the mass societies , which are the passionate admirers to the Chinese cultures . This website shall act as the interchange of the Chinese cultures information center !